Friends and vagabonders,

2007 promises to be a busy year of traveling, writing and teaching for me. Having returned from Cuba and the Dominican Republic this spring, I will head for Europe this summer, where I will teach writing classes in Russia (at the Summer Literary Seminar in St. Petersburg) and France (at my annual workshop at the Paris American Academy). In August I will journey to the U.S. West Coast to teach at the Book Passage Conference in San Francisco, and this fall I hope to head off to Brazil and Argentina.

Writing-wise, I recently had a couple of in-depth series appear in Slate — one about aboriginal tourism in Australia, and another about expatriate life in Korea. Additionally, my short piece about spontaneous travel in Burma appeared in National Geographic Traveler, my meta-essay about Asia appeared in the literary journal Swink, and I finished up my one-year stint as a travel columnist for Yahoo! News. In addition to travel stories, I’ve also published literary essays for The Believer and The Nation, including a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s Wichita Vortex Sutra, and an examination of Ur-Islamist Sayyid Qutb’s travel writings about the United States. In the book world, my essay “Tantric Sex For Dilettantes” appeared in Houghton Mifflin’s The Best American Travel Writing 2006 last fall.

The Travel Writers portion of my website has recently featured interviews with Eddy L. Harris, Lawrence Millman, Tony Horwitz, Tony D’Souza, and Bob Shacochis. Upcoming interview subjects include Tahir Shah, Richard Bangs, L. Peat O’Neil, Eric Hansen, and John Gimlette.

Cheers — and happy vagabonding,