Novelist Tod Goldberg on murder, and why sports is so emotionally affecting

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“To be creative, you have to live. You have to exist on this planet for a little bit” – Tod Goldberg

Tod Goldberg (@todgoldberg) is an American author and essayist, best known for his novels Gangsterland and Gangster Nation, and the tie-in novels to the television show Burn Notice. He directs the UCR Palm Desert Low Residency MFA program in Creative Writing.

In this episode of Deviate, Rolf speaks with Tod about studying true crime and how to get away with murder (2:50); our relationship with athletes and sports (23:30); the Olympics and the Cold War (45:00); and the psychology of fandom and meeting your sports heroes (54:00).

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This episode was sponsored by the Paris Writing Workshop, an intensive one-month course in the artistic heart of Europe.

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