A Shadow History of Rock Music in the 1980s

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“I think in every era of music you can find stuff like this — and sometimes you’ll find that it’s superior to the music that really was making it big commercially.” –Michael Carmody

In this episode of Deviate Rolf delves into a musical mystery — tracing the fate of ten rock and pop albums (found in a thrift store record bin) that evoke the quintessential look and sound of 1980s music, even though — for whatever reason — they never made it big back in the day.

Joining Rolf in this musical investigation is Jedd Beaudoin (@JeddBeaudoin), who hosts the syndicated music show “Strange Currency,” and Michael Carmody (@Carmody68), a musician, record collector, and donut shop entrepreneur.

Album art and show notes for each 1980s mystery album are listed below, in chronological order, by time-code.

Sue Saad and the Next (Planet/Elektra), 1980

[4:05 – 10:56]

Featured song: “I I, Me Me


S·P·Y·S (EMI America), 1982

[10:56 – 20:25]

Featured song: “She Can’t Wait


The Breaks (RCA), 1983

[20:25 – 27:55]

Featured song: “She Wants You


Fury (New York Music Company), 1985

[27:55 – 34:15]

Featured song: “In Her Arms


Surgin’, “When Midnight Comes” (EMI), 1985

[34:15 – 46:00]

Featured song: “Shot Through the Heart


Rough Cutt (Warner), 1985

[46:00 – 55:25]

Featured song: “Piece of My Heart


Stone Fury, “Let Them Talk” (MCA), 1986

[55:25 – 1:06:00]

Featured song: “Too Late


Le Mans (Columbia), 1986

[1:06:00 – 1:14:10]

Featured song: “Chain Around Your Heart


Envy, “Ain’t It a Sin” (ATCO/Atlantic), 1987

[1:14:10 – 1:25:36]

Featured song: “Ain’t It a Sin


Leatherwolf, “Street Ready” (Island), 1989

[1:25:36 – 1:30:45]

Featured song: “Street Ready


Final comments

[1:30:45 – 1:45:20]


This episode was sponsored by the Paris Writing Workshop, an intensive one-month course in the artistic heart of Europe.

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