Hollywood composer Rolfe Kent on the joys of throwing out quality work

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“You should write down what you would like your future to look like, because otherwise you will be on autopilot.” – Rolfe Kent

In Episode 3 of Deviate, Rolf discusses music and the creative process with accomplished Hollywood film composer Rolfe Kent (@rolfekent), whose recent project, The Zen Effect, is available on iTunes.

To download a free track from The Zen Effect, visit Rolfe’s website.



Rolfe’s film and TV scores discussed in the interview:

Notable film music discussed:

Notable people mentioned:

Show Notes:

  • Purpose of a movie score (11:45)
  • Career path and early influences (23:22)
  • Rolfe’s muscial style (27:18)
  • Collaborating with filmmakers (37:30)
  • Letting go of completed work (43:40)
  • Accidental versus intentional creativity (47:50)
  • On different instruments offering different opportunities to convey a message (50:32)
  • On inspiration (52:30)
  • Organization and focus techniques (54:20)
  • Creative process (59:25)
  • Mid-career creativity and “success management” (1:12:10)
  • Restrictions as a catalyst for creativity (122:19)
  • Immersive music theater (1:24:30)
  • Scoring one’s own life (129:40)
  • Musical structure and its function in everyday life (1:30:55)

Free download from Rolfe’s Kent’s Zen Effect.

This episode was sponsored by the Paris Writing Workshop, an intensive one-month course in the artistic heart of Europe.

The Deviate theme music comes from the title track of Cedar Van Tassel’s 2017 album Lumber.

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