TV host Ernest White II on black/white, gay/straight male friendships

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“Culture is cosmetic” – Ernest White

In Episode 2 of Deviate, Rolf explores friendship and culture as he goes on a road trip with friend, travel writer, and storyteller Ernest White (@ernestwhiteii), whose new TV show, Fly Brother, comes out soon.


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Show Notes:

  • Adult friendships and sexual orientation (8:00)
  • Race (21:10)
  • Cross-cultural travel dynamics (25:15)
  • Recognizing commonalities and appreciating differences (43:40)
  • Cultural conditioning (46:23)
  • Brotherhood (54:15)

This episode was sponsored by the Paris Writing Workshop, an intensive one-month course in the artistic heart of Europe.

The Deviate theme music comes from the title track of Cedar Van Tassel’s 2017 album Lumber.

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