Friends and vagabonders,

2006 has been a busy year for me, both in terms of traveling and writing. The spring months found me in the Dominican Republic, and summer took me to France (to teach my writing class; see below), Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Recently, I’ve had articles appear in Outside (“Just Hit Escape,” July ’06) and Islands (“Seven or So Sins on the Isle of Spice,” June ’06), and a couple of essays from my weekly Yahoo! News travel column (about souvenirs and McDonald’s) were linked from Arts & Letters Daily. This fall, further travels will take me to Korea and Australia, and I have stories slated to appear in The Believer, Swink, and Slate.

In the book world, my biggest announcement this year is the appearance of my essay “Tantric Sex For Dilettantes” in Houghton Mifflin’s The Best American Travel Writing 2006, edited by Tim Cahill. Elsewhere, my original essay “The Living Museum of Everywhere and Nowhere” appeared in Lonely Planet’s Tales From Nowhere, edited by Don George — and I also had short contributions to Susan Brady’s The World is a Kitchen and Tim Leffel’s Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune.

The Travel Writers portion of my website has recently featured interviews with John Flinn, Karin Muller, Tom Haines, David Downie, and Clay Hubbs. Keep an eye out for upcoming interviews with Joanne Miller, Eddy L. Harris, Lawrence Millman, Tony Horwitz, Cynthia Barnes, and Jeff Biggers.

Finally, for those interested in studying creative writing in beautiful environs of Paris, I will once again be teaching a Creative Nonfiction course at the Paris American Academy in July of 2007. Other courses offered include Literary Fictions Journal Writing, and Performance.

For the latest news on my travels, as well as travel information and advice, surf over to my blog,

Cheers — and happy vagabonding,