FEATURED: Rolf Potts Interview: The Tim Ferriss Show (2014)

Rolf talk about travel tactics, creating time wealth, and lateral thinking with lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss.

FEATURED: Australia’s “Weekend Today” (September 2010)

From Singapore, Rolf talks with the hosts of Australia’s “Weekend Today” show about the challenges and idiosyncrasies of traveling around the world with no luggage.

Vagabonding & The Electronic Umbilical Cord (February 2016)

Rolf discusses time-wealth, long-term travel, and being in the moment on the Clark Danger Vlogcast.

NBC New York (November 2010)

On her “Backyard Travel” show, New York NBC contributor AnneLise Sorensen catches up with Rolf just after he circumnavigated the globe with no luggage at all.

Man Travels 42 Days Without Luggage (October 2010)

In an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business News, Rolf discusses how he was able to travel the world without any bags.

Adventure Aaron’s “Alive!” (August 2010)

Aaron Carotta, host of the Halogen Network travel show “Alive!” talks with Rolf about vagabonding and ultra-light travel, on the eve of Rolf’s no-baggage round-the-world journey.

BootsnAll TV (November 2008)

Rolf talks travel with Chris Heidrich of Bootsnall.com during the Portland stop of his Marco Polo Didn’t Go There book tour. Topics covered include getting the most out of a short-term journey, how to stay open to the unexpected on the road, and whether or not it’s really possible to get “off the beaten path.”

Vagabonding interview on Portland’s AM Northwest (March 2003)

Rolf talks about the joys of long-term travel amid his first Vagabonding book tour in 2003.

Pusanweb (June 1999)

In his first-ever video interview, Rolf talks about independent travel, literary influences, writing for Salon.com, expatriate life in Korea, and his upcoming travel adventures.