Friends and vagabonders,

Welcome to my newly redesigned website!

It’s been a long time since I sent everyone an update — June, in fact, when Salon closed down its travel department just as I was boarding a freighter for India. Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support for Vagabonding to me or to the editors of Salon.

For a full report on the demise of Salon Travel, check out Jim Benning’s excellent article in the Online Journalism Review.

I am happy to report, however, that I have recently received a standing offer to continue writing Vagabonding in the Salon People department. Unfortunately, the ongoing violence in the Middle East has rendered my summer batch of stories temporarily useless (since readers will wonder how I managed to walk from Tiberias to Jerusalem without once seeing Israeli-Palestinian tensions or violence). Consequently, I’ll probably reserve those stories for my book, and resume the Vagabonding column with my India stories.

These India stories likely won’t hit Salon until early next year, but there is happy news behind this: in November, I will travel to Laos on a story assignment for Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Stay tuned for details on when that story will hit newsstands.

In the interim before the redebut of Salon Vagabonding, be sure to check out my contributions to several different travel anthologies to be released this fall. Best American Travel Writing 2000,’s Wanderlust and Not So Funny When it Happened will all be available in bookstores by the first week of November. Travelers’ Tales: Greece should be out by Christmas. There is no release date yet for Best Adventure Writing 2000, but I’ll keep you posted.

On a final note, kudos to Mike Marlett for invaluable technical, design and content assistance on the recent upgrade. Be sure to give me feedback on the new look and text, and feel free to suggest new content or link ideas.

Cheers, and happy vagabonding…