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Falklands Wildlife Gallery
In the winter of 2008, Rolf to the Falkland Islands on assignment for National Geographic Traveler. While exploring this British outpost in the South Atlantic, Rolf was impressed by the variety and accessibility of the wildlife — a detail that appeared in his story, which ran in the July/August 2008 issue of Traveler.
Mediocre photos of Australian animals
While on assignment in Australia for Slate, Rolf took many photos of wildlife that turned out too blurry, off-center, or poorly lit to be of publishable quality. Nevertheless, these shots make for an interesting sampling of central and southern Australian wildlife.
A New Narcissus Gallery
Back by popular demand, here's a new set of Rolf's arm's-length photos of Rolf in a variety of curious and exotic locations around the world.
Rio Carnival Gallery
Rolf's experience at the 2004 Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was definitely a participatory experience. Here is a collection of photos from Rio's Maracana soccer stadium, and Ipanema street party, and the Bejia-Flor samba school parade.
Patagonia Gallery
Rolf's stint with the Drive Around the World expedition ended at the far southern reaches of South America, in an area of Chile and Argentina collectively known as "Patagonia." Here are some photos from that gorgeous and remote region.
Peru Gallery
Known mainly for its Incan ruins and Amazon jungles, Peru is actually a varied landscape that includes colonial cities and a vast coastal desert. Rolf's adventures in Peru took him from the breathtaking Pacific wastelands up to the storied city of Machu Picchu (and beyond).
Central America Gallery
Rolf's involvement with the Land Rover-sponsored "Drive Around the World" expedition of 2003-2004 took him through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama (and then on to South America). Here is a sampling of what he saw in Central America.
Mergui Gallery
In late 2001, Rolf visited Myanmar's isolated Mergui Archipelago on assignment for Conde Nast Traveler. The full story (and professional photos) came out in July of 2002, but this gallery offers a sampling of sights from this unique region.
Mongolia Gallery
In the summer of 2001, Rolf and his parents traveled the Mongolian steppe. Herdsmen since antiquity, many Mongolians virtually live on their horses — and Team Potts met plenty such nomads en route to Karakorum from Ulan Bator.
Burma Gallery
This June — in what was the final link in his two-year Asia loop — Rolf bought a one-speed bicycle in Mandalay, Burma and rode it down the Irrawaddy River valley.
Diu Gallery
Diu is a little-visited former Portuguese possession on the tip of India's Gujarat province. Rolf traveled to this miniature Goa for Islands magazine in April of 2001
Himalayan Gallery
Early spring found Rolf in the cold Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, India. A selection of photos from these spectacular mountains.
Hindu India Gallery
The distinctive rituals of Hinduism are a vibrant and colorful highlight of any trip to India. Here is a collection of images from Rolf's encounter with the Hindu world.
Top Road Images
Rolf may travel with a cheap plastic point-and-shoot camera, but sometimes light and luck converge to leave a memorable image. A collection of Rolf's best shots from various corners of "The Orient."
Narcissus Gallery
When there no one else around to take your photo, one has to record his adventures at arm's length. A selection of Rolf's photos of Rolf from the oddest of locations.