A graphic adaptation of the oldest literary travel tale known to man

Rolf and illustrator Cedar Van Tassel recreate the comic tale of Wenamun, an ancient Egyptian priest whose overseas voyage in search of Lebanese timber resulted in an ongoing series of fiascos. Based on a source papyrus that was lost to history until the late 19th century, the protagonist’s misadventure is delightfully entertaining, and has a confessional, self-deprecating feel that makes it stand out from other ancient narratives. Unlike the characters in more mythic tales of adventure, Wenamun is not on a hero’s journey. He is, in his hapless progression of mistakes, an anti-hero of sorts, as clueless and arrogant as any culturally oblivious tourist.

“This comic is easily the best retelling of an ancient Egyptian story I’ve ever seen.”
—T.G. Wilfong, Professor of Egyptology, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan

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The Misadventures of Wenamun page 2

The Misadventures of Wenamun page 2