Each July since 2005 Rolf has directed a month-long creative writing workshop at the Paris American Academy, in the artistic heart of Europe. College credit is available for this hands-on English-language writing program, with intensive workshops that include instruction in:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Travel Writing
  • Memoir
  • Personal Essay
  • Journal Writing
  • Plays and Screenplays
  • Presentation and Performance

In addition to taking classes and participating in workshops, students receive one-on-one consultations with professional writers, attend literary panel presentations, and give readings in Parisian venues. Between classes and tutorials, there will be ample time to experience the city, attend cultural events, visit museums, learn history, take day-trips to the countryside, read books, hang out in cafes, dance by the Seine, and make friends from around the world.

The Paris American Academy is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, on the rue Saint Jacques, a block from the Luxembourg Gardens, and less than a mile from the Seine and Notre Dame cathedral.

To receive an application, email an inquiry to info@pariswritingworkshop.com.